Ears on the wall.

There are a lot of idioms using a part of the body.
Today, I’m introducing you some idioms with “ears”.
Ear is " (mimi)" in Japanese.

① 耳が遠い (mimi ga tooi)
"The ears are far."
This means...
"cannot hear very well."

(watashi no chichi wa mimi ga tooi.)

"My father doesn't hear very well."

② 壁に耳 (kabe ni mimi)
"The ears on the wall."
This means...
"It's difficult to have a "secret meeting". There could be someone who is listening to what you are talking about behind the wall."

(kabe ni mimi dakara kokode sono hanashi wa yameyoo. kuruma no nakade hanasanai?)

"Someone might listen to our talking, maybe we shouldn't talk about it here. How about talking in my car?"

③ 耳が痛い (mimi ga itai)
"My ears are hurts."
This means...
"Someone's indication is very accurate and it's just what I have to improve."

(osake no nomisugi wa kenkoo ni warui yo.)
(mimi ga itai yo...)

"Drinking a lot is bad for your health."
"Yeah... I agree with your idea. That's exactly talking about me..."

Do you have similar idioms or expressions in your language, too?

Written by Akiko

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