how to start/end emails/text messages in Japanese


(きょうは、いーめーるや めっせーじの はじめのぶんと おわりのぶんを しょうかいします!)

Today, we will introduce you how to start and end your emails and messages.

How to Start Your Message

●When you send the first message


(literal translation :Hello. This is my first time to send you an email. )

Hello, my name is〜


●When you send the message after you meet your friend.


Hello. I had a very good time the other day.


●To your friend who you feel thankful to


Hello. Thank you very much for what you did the other day.


●To your friend after a long interval


Hello. It has been a long time since we contacted each other.


●To your friend you just saw.


Hello. I had a very good time today.

How to End Your Message 


I am looking forward to seeing you again.



I just wanted to say thank you.



I will keep in touch.



Please take care.



Let’s eat out again sometime soon.



Sorry for the length of this message.

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