body part idioms!

(きょうは、からだの ぶいを つかった かんようくを しょうかいします!)
Today, I introduce you the idioms including a body part.
(くびを ながくする)
To lengthen one's neck means to wait impatiently for something.
If you want to look at something approaching to you from far,
you would have to lengthen your neck.
(くちが かるい)
One's mouth is light means that this person talks without thinking much.
The words are light for this person, and s/he can easily tell people the secrets.

(のどから てが でる)
A hand comes out from mouth means that you want something desparately.
You are thinking of something so strongly that
a hand could come out from your mouth trying to glab the thing you want.
(うでが なる)
Arms make sound means that you are eager to exhibit your skills.
Arms indicates skills in Japanese, and they could make sound
when you really want to get peoples attention to them.
(かたの にが おりる)
A luggage is now off from one's shoulder means the load is off one's mind.
(こしを ぬかす)
To miss one's lower back means to be unable to stand up due to surprise.
People cannot stand up when they do not have their lower back.
(あしもとを みる)
To look at one's feet means to take an advantage of the other's week situation.
Back in old time, the look of the feet of bearer decided the price of palanquin.
If they had injured or tired-looking feet, then the customer payed little.
(いろいろ あって おもしろいですね)
(みなさんの くにには どんな からだの かんようくが ありますか)
It is interesting that we have so many different idioms.
What kind of idioms including a body part do you have in your language?
Written by Ran

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