Respect the aged day!

(9がつ15にちは、けいろうの ひです ね。)

(「ろうじん」を 「うやまう」ひ です。)

(そこで、きょうは、「ろう」の かんじを つかう ことばを しょうかいします!)
September 15th is "Keirou no hi",
the "Respect for the Aged" day.
So, I introduce some words including "老" today!
「不老不死 (hurou-hushi)」 literary means "no aging, no death",
and it is "immortality".
(ふろうふしの くすり、ほしい?)
Do you think you want the elixir of life?
「老若男女 (rou-nyaku-nan-nyo)」consists of "old, young, man, woman",
and it means "everyone regardless of age or gender".
(この みせには、ろうにゃくなんにょ、さまざまな おきゃくさまが くる)
Many different customers regardress of age or gender come to this shop.
「老眼鏡 (rougankyou)」is "眼鏡 (megane), the glasses for the old people",
meaning "reading glasses".
(とうとう ろうがんきょうが ひつようになってしまった)
Finally, I need reading glasses now.
「老後 (rougo)」is "after getting old",
which means "post-retirement years".
(ろうごは、いなかに すむ!)
I will live in the countryside when I retire.
「老婆心(roubashin)」 "老婆 (rouba), the old lady's mind" often gives you
the "kindness that is not asked for".
(やまださんは、ろうばしんで いっているんだと おもうよ)
I think Mr. Yamada is saying that to you out of kindness.

(ろうばしんから ちゅうこくする けど。。。)
Let me give you some advice, though I know it's unasked for...
「海老 (ebi)」"old thing in 海, the sea, the one bending its back" is
"prawn, shrimp"
shrimp avocado sandwiches!
(じゃあ、きょうは、おじいさん、おばあさんに しんせつに!)
Well, let's be nice to grandpa and grandma today!
written by Ran

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