We did "ladder" last night.

The left picture is a basket which you use when you are cooking.
This is called ざる (zaru) in Japanese.
The different meaning of zaru is a person who drinks a lot and doesn’t get drunk easily.
Zaru can’t keep water at all.
Those people’s stomach doesn’t keep (feel) alcohol like zaru.

The right picture is a ladder.
This is called 梯子 (hashigo) in Japanese.
The different meaning of hashigo is making the rounds of bars.
I’m not sure (couldn’t find) why we use hashigo for the action, but I guess, going to bars one after another is like going up the ladder step by step.
This expression could be used for different situation, too.
It’s not only for bars, but also restaurants, coffee shops etc.

The way of using ざる (zaru) and 梯子 (hashigo) is popular.
Try to use these expressions when you talk with your Japanese friends.

“Wow! You drink a lot! You must be zaru.”
“I had a terrible hangover this morning. We did hashigo last night and drank too much!”

You usually use katakana when you use these words for “2nd meaning”.

Written by Akiko

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